Art As Social Inquiry


MostHealth Care in the United States: This is  a series of what will be100+ paintings depicting a cross-section of people in the US.  The titles of the paintings describe the kind of health insurance coverage or lack of coverage the sitters have…[more]
MostHow We die: The first painting of the series is of President Obama weighted down with all the mass murders from assault weapons. It is a plea to our president to lead in making these horrors stop. I have been fascinated by death for decades …[more]
MostTracking Town Halls: Does the First Amendment Matter?:  I thought attending town hall meetings in my district would be easy. Town hall meetings are a staple of American democracy.  I never dreamed that trying to attend them would become an issue unto itself. …[more]
MostImmigration: The goal of this painting is to create a focal point on which we can place our national discourse on the subject of undocumented workers a.k.a. illegal immigrants.[more]
MostWar: There are all kinds of war in society. The wars between nations are the most obvious example. There are “wars” among family members, and personal struggles…[more]

Art As Social Inquiry has teamed up PA Health Access Network to give informational 2013.10 PHAN ACA PA Housing Finance Agency Presentation, Berks Countytalks about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Theresa is a PA Health Access Network Certified Presenter. For a presentation in your area contact or 

Art As Social Inquiry 2.15.12 Susan at Capitolis the recipient of a Leeway Foundation Art and Change grant.  The grant will fund the next 13 paintings of the healthcare series. Thank you, Leeway!


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