Art As Social Inquiry



Commission a Portrait

Funds support Art As Social Inquiry‘s advocacy work that explores how social issues play out in the lives of real people.

Here’s how it works:

~ The artist interviews the subject for about an hour then takes photographs.

~Portraits are 24” x 20”. (Special requests possible

~ The painting will be hand-delivered or shipped via UPS. 

~ Questions? How to start? Please write

 Portraits need not be representational. They can be “energetic” or abstract. The interview process is the same. The final painting would be an abstract painting inspired by the interview.

~ Scroll down for FAQs.

PUBLISH STUDY John A CORRECTED EYESPUBLISH Study Erik 24x20 PUBLISH Joann study 24x20 PUBLISH Eddie PUBLISH BunnyPUBLISH STUDYCamae Study PUBLISH PUBLISH MATT STUDY PUBLISH STUDY PUBLISH Study MiguelPUBLISH-FRED-WITH-copyright_edited-1publish-athena-24x20PUBLISH-Police-Violence-WITH-copyright_edited-1Trost Flyer PhotoLuke Flyer PhotoIllana Flyer PhotoPUBLISH-Dillon-with-copyright_edited-2


I don’t live near the artist but I want a portrait done. Pussi Artist will interview you via Skype. She’ll talk about getting a photo that she can work from.

Why do I need an interview? “I paint souls, not pretty pictures.” Everybody has a vibe. The artist wants to feel yours.

I want a painting of my pet. Does he need to be “interviewed?” Yes. The artist would want to meet the beast.

May I ask for colors to match my furniture? No.

What if I don’t like the portrait? You wouldn’t be the first. Look at the artist’s style. Remember, “I paint souls, not pretty pictures. “ The artist doesn’t change nose sizes, backgrounds, or entertain requests for changes. What comes, comes. Take 2 weeks to decide if you want the portrait. If not, you lose your deposit but you will get notecards, and the good feeling knowing you are contributing to this wonderful art project, Art As Social Inquiry.

What can I expect to spend? A 24″ x 20″ oil sketch starts at $600 and go from there depending on size and special requests. 

How long will it take to get my portrait? We’ll talk The artist does not know why some portraits come quickly, others not so much. She will not sell a painting she is not happy with.

Are the portraits framed? No.

Do you take credit cards? Not yet.