The writer uses words; the artist, brushes. These artworks are a commentary on our times. 

Politicians wield the power to make laws that profoundly affect our everyday lives. Will there be war? Will my children die fighting a war? Will we have safe drinking water? Can I marry my same-sex love? Are the roads safe? Is healthcare a human right? Who will respond to a natural disaster? Is my food safe? And on and on…

Turning away from politics does not exempt us from the effects of regulations and laws the politicians enact. 

Where is our power? The First Amendment of the Constitution gives up the right to express our opinions and assemble peacefully to express our views as a way to influence the politicians. We also have the right to vote for the lawmakers representing us. 

This “Art of Politics” category carries on the great American tradition of self-expression as a way to influence the political process. 



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