Singer/songwriter Brenda Cohen and I just finished a rough cut of our first collaboration, a song about speaking truth to power — gov’t, lobbyists, for-profit insurers, big PHARMA. Stay tuned. Brenda’s band is called Deep City Healers. 🎶🎸


THROUGH THE CRACKS                                                                                                                        Music by The Bionic Rhapsodist. Lyrics by TBG. Vocals by Brittany Campbell.  Theresa teams up with composer, Bionic Rhapsodist to write “Through the Cracks”  This song is about the sadness of losing a loved one who could not get needed medical care.


Composer Bionic Rhapsodist is a songwriter, producer and performer working in the New York area.  His musical output is an eclectic mix, spanning multiple genres, blending the acoustic and the synthetic.  A cancer survivor managing diabetes, Bionic Rhapsodist has relied on medical technology for survival throughout his life — he is a true twenty-first century cyborg.  His collaboration with Art As Social Inquiry seeks to create powerful music that tells the stories of others who have navigated the American medical system.

Lyricist Theresa BrownGold created Art As Social Inquiry in 2008 as a way to use art and storytelling to investigate the practical, emotional, and political sides of getting healthcare in the US. In 2017 TBG added songwriting to her social activism toolbox. Many of her lyrics convey the private struggles some suffer trying to get healthcare. Other songs are a political response to the powers-that-be who thwart efforts to make healthcare a human right. 

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