In Public Appearances

Can you believe I was a panelist at breakout session??? OMG  I had so much fun. Who wouldn’t?  It was like girls sittin’ around being real with 500 of their friends in the audience.  And I got to talk about Art As Social Inquiry. Christmas came early in this studio. Thank you!!!!!!

The theme of the conference was Live Fearlessly!  Here’s the dish on my breakout session.And just for good measure, the organizers asked me to write down 5 things to share with the audience about reinventionI wouldn’t call it reinvention for me, truth be told. Changing careers at 50 was more like putting on a pair of shoes that actually fit.  I’m not feeling bravery as much as relief.  I’m a little embarrassed to share these deeply personal thoughts, but they really are my mainstays..and this is my blog, right?

(Ahem, I can be the princess of typos, but the above are not mine.  I have plenty of my own to keep me red in the face.)

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