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Many have asked for my “green drink” recipe over the years.  I have probably mixed up my morning energy booster on and off for maybe 25 years?  I don’t know? It’s been so long.  The white plastic on my amped-up blender, VitaMix, has yellowed. And the once clear plastic pitcher has turned the color of smoky quartz.

The green drink has been much more on than off for the last ten years. I ward off the aches of middle age with a pitcher full of the elixir every day.

The recipe can change daily depending on what I have on hand.  I like to go organic for the fruits and veggies whose skins I eat.  When I peel the skin, I usually don’t buy organic  – budget issue. (This just makes good sense to me.)

RULE OF THUMB: More fruit, less green to acclimate. Less fruit, more green as you learn how to make it good.

 I recommend you start easy and maybe go with spinach, parsley and celery and lots of fruit. Move to kale and other hearty greens as your body starts to crave the goodness of green.

The machine is important.  Any ol’ blender will not due. You need a super-duper pulverizer. I like the VitaMix, as I said.  In over two decades I  had only one thing go wrong.  Somehow the “spinner thing” that turns the blade in the blender stopped working.  Engine still hummed along fine.  VitaMix sent me a $17 part and all has been well for years. The reconditioned models are fine.

Here’s what  I put in my green drink this morning.  When you start to make green drink on a regular basis, you’ll make it up as you go.

Parsley  A LOT. At least a cup packed tightly 

2 stalks of celery

Handful of raw spinach

1 small fresh tomato (Or add canned tomato juice. Or leave this out altogether.)

1 frozen banana (ripen a bunch of them, peel and freeze)

1 peeled lemon (or peeled grapefruit.  Loving this these days)

Chunk of peeled fresh ginger, about 1″ thick (leave out if you don’t like the taste)

1 apple 

 5 strawberries

fill pitcher 1/2 way with water (with all the stuff in it)

Blend it with a Vitamix if possible.  Really make it smooth. If taste is too “hardcore” add more fruit, less greens.

This recipe makes a lot. I drink it all day.  Cut down on quantities if you want to make a glass or two.

The important thing is to experiment.  Start googling juicing recipes.  Some of my family members have become juicing aficionados and make all different kinds of drinks. You can get inspired from info on the internet.


Freezing banana is a new kick I’m into.  If you don’t have frozen banana, just put in a regular banana and add a handful of ice cubes.

Sometimes I get bags of frozen fruit just to have on hand to throw in if I don’t have a lot of fresh fruit around.

You need something frozen.  So if you are not using frozen fruit, be sure to add ice cubes.

If you are really starting feel good, consider adding simple exercise to your routine like a walk every day.  And, if you don’t meditate, consider contemplating the beauty of the simplest thing in life just for 60 seconds a day – the way your child smiles at you; how many shades of green are in a field.  Just get out of your thinking head for a brief time every day.

Your body will smile and thank you.

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