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 “Health Law Opponents Ready to Party” was a headline today in Politico.  The country awaits the US Supreme Court’s decision regarding the constitutionality of some or all of the Affordable Care Act also know as Obamacare.  Here is my response:

Not so fast. It ain’t over until the 9 Justices, fully insured by a federal employee insurance program or that socialized insurance program called Medicare, decide that a gov’t levying taxes is unconstitutional. The healthcare bill called the tax a “mandate.” Gov’t has unequivocal authority to levy tax. The Court’s work is not to judge semantics. That’s Grammar Girl’s job.

If the far Right gets the ruling it desires, it would be helpful for those of us who are so intimate with the struggles of the uninsured, the under-insured, the bankrupt, the ruined lives…

...the populace that lives in fear of losing insurance because a child may need it so desperately, the small employers who stop offering insurance altogether…

the 60 year old woman who married her friend for his benefits so she could piggyback on his insurance and get treatment for cancer… would be helpful for those of us so intimate with the machinations of a for-profit industry that calls paying actual claims a “medical loss,” that will not extend coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions looking for insurance on the individual market…

that engages in delay tactics to put their financial interests ahead of the clients’ claims, that lowball claims making the insured chase the money so medical bills can get paid…. would be helpful to us if the Right explains what exactly was accomplished by a $235 million smear campaign to make people afraid of a law they don’t even know.

Confuse, conquer and win politically was what the American people got. A person unable to see a doctor regularly for a chronic condition has nothing to do with politics.

The intention behind the massive campaign to distort the law was to create fear in the minds of Americans and influence them politically, and have them be against something in their best interests. It worked.

You can’t be against Obamacare when you don’t even know the law. Put another way, you have to know something to be against it.

Many of us do know the law and applaud the consumer protections and measures that will bring stability to the insurance market and create access for the many millions shut out of insurance coverage.

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