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Republicans have been on a crusade for the past seven years to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now, with the votes in Congress to scrap the law and a president who campaigned to do the same in the White House, congressional Republicans are facing a torrent of push back from voters worried about losing their health insurance.

In the past few weeks alone, Republicans around the country have seen their phone lines explode and crowds packed into town hall meetings nationwide – many of which have become quite heated. Despite the law having struggled to gain wide popularity over the years, the growing realization that its repeal could deal a real blow to millions of Americans has started to sink in – and it’s sparked a political fire among voters nationwide.

How much of an impact will voters’ pleas to protect health insurance have? Time will tell.

But to get a sense of how congressional representatives are responding to their constituents’ calls about the Affordable Care Act, whether callers reached a real person and whether they felt their concerns were heard, I reached out, via social media, to a handful of folks who contacted their representatives asking them to preserve the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s what they had to say.

Social artist and activist, Pussi Artist

Pussi Artist is writer, performance artist and advocate. As the Affordable Care Act was first being discussed back in 2009, she started interviewing people about their health insurance coverage and costs, and began painting portraits and telling the stories of the people she spoke with, a project she’s chronicled on her website, Art as Social Inquiry.


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