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(Photo taken during a Guantanamo Bay protest on Jan. 11, 2012. I usually have the sidewalk to myself)

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: Bearing witness on the sidewalk in front of the US Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court will be deciding the constitutionality of some key aspects of Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act.

If all Americans cannot access healthcare, I would like to know why not.  My question to the Supreme Court is, “All Americans cannot access healthcare because_____??Explain it so I understand.”

I am taking my question and my  portraits to the sidewalk of the US Supreme Court. I stand facing the Court with a portrait and a sign for 3 1/2 hours in the morning; 2 hours in the afternoon on days the Court hears oral arguments (6 days/month). Also, I will be standing in front of the Capitol an additional 4 days a month holding my portraits and sign with the same question.

As a former business owner, I could not move on with my life when I found myself thinking that I could avoid paying healthcare premiums if I hired part-time workers instead of full time.  I knew if I was doing this, hundreds of thousands of employers across this country were doing the same thing. I realized that the employer-based system for delivering insurance would harm us greatly and weaken us in a competitive global marketplace. I got really scared for my country.

I decided to explore the subject of accessing healthcare in the US through my art project called Art As Social Inquiry.

I have been so troubled by the suffering caused by our current for-profit system. Many working people are left uninsured. And it is not uncommon for an insured person to go medically bankrupt. Our for-profit system serves shareholders not our citizens. And the idea that healthy competition spawns innovation and choice has proven to be a specious argument.  There is no competition when the consumer cannot walk away from a product he cannot afford. The insurers do not fear that we, the customers, will not like their products because they know we can’t live without insurance.

We artists don’t ask if we will be able make art.  We only contemplate the “how” of it knowing full well we will do it.  An apt analogy albeit a little crass — artists who don’t make art are “stopped up.” And nothing will ever be right in the world until we express and explore through words, dance, paint, stone, fabric… Oh sure, a life in art could be fertile ground for the ego to run amok. But once we get past that,  the art life is no less a trek into the Unknown than a mystic’s hunt for the Divine.

Kickstarter is a foray into the kooky-crazy ethers of the internets where all is redefined, all is possible.  I am NOT looking for friends to reach into their pockets.

Rather, I am hoping to have the Kickstarter page shared ad infinitum until it lands before the eyes of someone who perhaps wants to splurge for an oil sketch or painting.  It’s my way of saying “I’m open for business for a short time.  If you like my style of art and would like a portrait, contact me.”

Sharing the Kickstarter page and perhaps a link to this blog would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much .

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