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PRO and CON Positions on The Affordable Care Act- in the Wall Street Journal.

Here is my response.

Mr Cannon,

I do believe you are making the case for single-payer. ” ….force insurers to limit services.” (He refers to The Affordable Care Act)

Insurers can limit services and ALREADY do because they answer to shareholders and will find every way to deny claims.

Insurers don’t have to make us happy as customers and they don’t. We all desperately need their product. There is no free market when it comes to buying insurance.

As a capitalist, I do not see how capitalist principles apply when the one half of the capitalist equation, the customers, cannot vote with their feet. Insurance companies do not compete. They collude. They raise prices indiscriminately because, well, who was to stop them before reform?

Insurance companies do not need to vie for our business. They cluck at each other to see who will have the greater share of the spoils, our premiums. And we cannot march with our capitalist feet.

So the bigger question. The system for accessing healthcare has failed so many millions in this country, so what is this really about?

The arguments against REAL reform are sounding rather specious just as I imagine those against abolishing slavery must have in their day.

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