I paint souls not pretty pictures.

 Healthcare in the United States: This is  a series of what will be 100+ paintings depicting a cross-section of people in the US.  The titles of the paintings describe the kind of health insurance coverage or lack of coverage the sitters have…See Paintings / Read more>>

How We Die
:  “I have been fascinated by death for decades –yes, the countless ways we die but also that we die at all. Why bother being born if we are destined to die?  See Paintings / Read more>>

War/Violence: There are all kinds of war in society. The wars between nations are the most obvious example. There are “wars” among family members, and personal struggles…See Paintings / Read more>>

Immigration: The goal of this painting is to create a focal point on which we can place our national discourse. Maybe the painting stirs up old memories? Do you remember when you first had an opinion about… See Paintings / Read more>>

Art of Politics: The writer uses words; the artist, brushes. These artworks are a commentary on our times. See Paintings / Read more >> 

 Songwriting:The songwriting team, Pussi Artist and Bionic Rhapsodist, have teamed up to write songs about healthcare. They have released their first song, “Through the Cracks”  Listen here. >> 

Tracking Town Halls: Do Unscripted Constituent Public Gatherings Matter?  : This is long, and probably boring to most. But if you lived in my district (PA-8) during Representative Mike Fitzpartrick’s time, you’ll remember the “town hall controversy.” (The town hall log I reference is after this novella.) Read more >>

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